Whether you requirements are simple or elaborate we are here to help you. Need a logo or customed designed labels for your bags. Our design staff can help you get the bag your customers will love.  Whether it is a header bag for a netted or poly bag or a pouch style or paper we are here to help.  We are a one stop shop. From design to finished product we can get you there. Our prices are reasonable and our staff is friendly.  


Packaging types and styles to fill your needs
ThorPack is an independent distributor for all of your packaging needs.  the advantage we give your company is that we can supply a product to fill your needs because we have a variety of sources. This gives us a very big advantage because we supply  the item to fill your needs not taking your needs and trying to put them into a limited design of packaging.
ThorPack constantly searchs the packaging industry  looking for new and exciting ways of making your product more appealing to your customers.  Whether it is fruit, vegetables, frozen or fresh, wood pellets, rock and sand, dog food or any of the 100s of different type of needed packaging we are there to help you.